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            United Arab Emirates Cement
            Cement News
            News Detail Clinker Grinding Plant
            Saoura Ciment launches sulphate-resistant cement production
            Algeria: Saoura Ciment has begun sulphate-resistant cement production at its Saoura cement plant near Béchar. The Groupe des Ciments d Algérie (GICA) subsidiary made the move as part of efforts to diversify its production. It plans to supply the product to public works projects in the region, where its resistance to high soil salinity will prove useful. The cement will be available from all four of the plant s commercial outlets in and around Bechér. In August 2021, Saoura Ciment produced 180,000t of cement. It exported 25,000t to Mali, Mauritania and Niger during the month. /Global Cement
            www.mailelectric.com - Sep, 17,2021

            Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials


            HENT ElectroMechanical Engineering