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            United Arab Emirates Cement
            Cement News
            News Detail Clinker Grinding Plant
            Kavkazcement to upgrade Kavkaz cement plant in 2021 - 2022 shutdown
            Russia: Kavkazcement has announced that it will use its Kavkaz cement plant s annual shutdown in the winter of 2021 - 2022 to upgrade the plant s raw materials mills and kiln lines. The Eurocement subsidiary plans to spend US$7.14m on the work, which also includes the replacement of burners in kilns 2 and 4 and the installation of new drying drums, compressors and electrostatic precipitators. The upgrade will increase the 3Mt/yr plant s cement capacity by 10% and its clinker capacity by 30%. Managing director Vladimir Sokoltsov said that the upgrade focused on minimising the plant s environmental impacts. Sokoltsov said “We will prepare the plant for the high construction season in April 2022. Our products are used in the construction of the largest industrial, transport and municipalinfrastructure in southern Russia." He continued "We understand that the quality of life of a large number of people depends on the pace of our work.” /Global Cement
            www.mailelectric.com - Oct, 28,2021

            Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials


            HENT ElectroMechanical Engineering